A Warrior for Artemis

A Warrior for Artemis

While reading a book on ancient Rome for his history class, Joshua Parry is stunned to see a mosaic portrait of his family—his mother, his sister and himself—from the fourth century AD. But not even that shock compares to waking up the next morning in Ephesus in the year 362 AD! For the next two weeks, Josh struggles to learn how to live in ancient Ephesus. With the help of friends, encounters with enemies, and the counsel of none other than emperor Julian the Apostate, Josh discovers new ways to view the world and his Christian faith. From seeking solace in the beauty of the Temple to Artemis, to training to fight with legionnaires, to debating religion and politics at seminars, Josh’s adventures in Ephesus teach him not only acceptance and confidence, but also how to defend himself with a gladius! When he returns to his modern-day home and family, he sets out to use his new skills and wisdom to establish peace with a posse of trouble-making classmates.

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