A (Screen or Stage) Play In a Day

A (Screen or Stage) Play In  a Day

Screenwriters, playwrights, and actors . . . take the quick road to success! The unique approach of our popular gamelike L.A. scriptwriting course will lead you through script construction in one day. This technique was originally created in the 1980s for L.A.-based nine-to-fivers who aspired to write production worthy scripts, as well as for actors desiring to improve their skills, and for all creative people wanting to enhance their talents and/or break through artistic blocks. In "A (Screen Or Stage) Play In A Day," you will actually learn solid script writing, including character construction and other aspects often left unaddressed by some books and courses. You'll come away from the experience with a greater understanding of all aspects of film and theatre production. So use our method to learn, or improve your current skills! (You'll have a great time doing it.)

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